Rustic sweet cart

The rustic sweet stroller is our acquisition, which we included in the offer for the first time in the 2019 season. To date, it has impressed at more than 20 weddings and 10 celebrations - both children's birthdays and adult parties. It is really suitable for any occasion.
Because the stroller is so neutral, the styling is always in tune with the theme and style of the event. Be it a children's party in space, a princess tea party or a romantic wedding on the coast. We make sure that the final look matches your dreams and our vision.
Vsebino vozička določimo skupaj glede na vaše želje in potrebe. Največkrat je glavno vodilo pri oblikovanju koncepta velikost praznovanja oz. število gostov, saj je potrebno prilagoditi količine in postavitev temu primerno. Izbiramo pa lahko med postavitvijo torte, slaščic ali obojega.
The rustic sweet cart is made of quality wood, so it is intended for both indoor and outdoor use, but the latter only in case of good weather. The trolley mustn't be exposed to rain and moisture, or the wood will swell and the trolley will be damaged as a result.

Petite package

Aprox. 20-30 persons
  • 30 x classic macaron (2 flavors)
  • 15 x classic cakepop (1 okus)
    possible replacement 10 x cakecones
  • 12 x designer cupcake (1 flavor)
    possible replacement for 24x mini cupcake
  • 10 x designer donut
  • 10 x designer cookie

Party package

Aprox. 50 persons
  • 60 x classic macaron (3 flavors)
  • 30 x classic cakepop (2 okus)
    possible replacement 20 x cakecones
  • 10 x designer cakepopsicle (1 flavor)
  • 24 x cupcake (2 flavors)
    possible replacement for 48 x mini cupcake
  • 20 x designer donut (1 flavor)

Deluxe package

Aprox. 80-100 persons
  • 30 x macarons (1 flavor)
  • 2 x 40 macaron pyramid (2 flavors)
  • 60 x classic cakepop (2 flavors)
    possible replacement 45 x cakecones
  • 20 x designer cakepopsicle (2 flavors)
  • 24 x cupcake (2 flavors)
    possible replacement for 48 x mini cupcake
  • 25 x designer donut
  • 15 x pie (1 flavor)


– Najem vozička
– Setup & teardown ekipe Emazing Creations
– Osnovni styling vozička
– Najem dekorativnih podstavkov za slaščice
– Najem stojal za slaščice
– Najem svečnikov in sveč
– Najem vazic
– Imenske kartice za slaščice


– Najem girlande balonov 2,5m
– Najem girlande balonov 5m
– Najem girlande balonov s cvetjem in zelenjem
– Cvetlični aranžmaji in foliage
– Personalizirana dekoracija
– Najem girlande zlatih diskov ali – barvnih fring
– Najem fairylights zavese

* VAT is included in the price. All prices are in EUR.

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