Terms of use




All inquiries are accepted exclusively through our online form. Demands through social networks are not possible due to ensuring the quality of communication, credibility of data and traceability of correspondence.

The inquiry is submitted exclusively in the manner of the established form, which can be found on the website. The form requires all relevant information that needs to be filled in in detail. If the form is not completed in full, we cannot prepare an offer.

It is advisable to submit an inquiry as soon as possible. Some dates, especially during the wedding season (April-October), during holidays and vacations, are sold out several months in advance. Inquiries must be submitted at least 14 days before the date of the event. Namely, we need enough time to negotiate, prepare an offer, confirm the order, prepare for production, supply materials and components and logistically execute the order.

We reserve the right to have 3 working days to prepare and formulate the offer. We reserve the right to extend the deadline during holidays, vacations, increased workload or emergencies. The order is confirmed exclusively by signing the offer, payment of the pro forma invoice and proof of payment to our official e-mail address hello@emazingcreations.com within 48 hours of receiving the offer. If these conditions are not met, the reservation is not confirmed.

Payment of the proforma invoice is possible only by direct transfer to our transaction account. Cash on delivery, card payments or cash on delivery are not possible. After 48 hours from the sending of the offer, the date and place for the order you are interested in are released and we offer it further.


Cancellation of the order regardless of the reason from the client:
- up to 14 days before the event with return of 50% of the order value
- up to 7 days before the event with return of 20% of the order value
- less than 7 days before the event no refund option

Cancellation of the order regardless of the reason from the provider:
- up to 14 days before the event with return of 80% of the order value
- up to 7 days before the event with return of 50% of the order value
- less than 7 days before refund of 20% of the value of the contract

Reimbursement of the value of the order is issued in the form of a credit, which the client can use within 12 months of cancellation for a custom order or purchase in the Cake Shop in a single amount.

It is possible to transfer the order to an alternative date within a period of 12 months from the confirmation of the order. Transferring the order to an alternate date is free. In the event that the desired alternative date is already fully occupied and sold out, we will also prepare your order for an additional payment of 30% of the value of the order as part of overtime work.

If you decide to transfer the order to an alternative date, you agree to the possibility of increasing the bid price (due to rising prices of components, materials, operating costs and market situation) within 12 months of order confirmation, as our company can not guarantee that we your order can still be made under the same conditions as on the day of confirmation of the offer. You are informed about the potential possibility of changing the offer no later than 14 days before the event. In the event of cancellation of the transfer of the order due to a change in the original price of the offer, the same conditions apply as in point 1.


All prices are in EUR. All prices of our products already include 9.5% VAT (food products) and 22% VAT (other products and services).

The price list is valid from January 17, 2022 until canceled. The price list is subject to change without prior notice depending on the prices of ingredients on the market, the prices of materials, products needed for our work, operating costs and market situation. The new / changed price list comes into force with the publication, and at the same time the old price list is abolished.

An informative price list that is made public does not represent the final price of a personalized offer. The informative price list sets the guidelines we follow, but because each order is individual and unique, you will receive the final price when you submit your request. The informative price list does not represent the value / price of accessories, decoration, design and packaging of the order.

The price list does not include our packaging, delivery, on-site preparation or service services. We define the price of the mentioned services in the offer, which we design according to your needs and wishes.
We set the value of our products ourselves, regardless of the prices of products of the same category on the market. The price of products is appropriate to the quality of the offer, the quality of ingredients, preparation time, product design, company costs and all other costs incurred in preparing orders.


Orders up to € 250 can be personaly picked up:
(Hrušica 56a, 4276 Hrušica) from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 2 pm and on Saturday at 8 am or by agreement, if possible. Takeovers on Sundays are not possible. Pick-ups in the studio are free.

In our CAKE SHOP In Ljubljana
(Trubarjeva cesta 22, 1000 Ljubljana) in the time of the opening hours. Pick-up at the location is only possible if we can ensure enough space in the refrigerator. Collection at the Cake Shop is possible against an additional payment of €10.

(kranj - entrance to the Planet Tuš garage) is possible only on Saturdays at 9 a.m. for an additional payment of €25.

The agreed date / time for taking over the order must be taken into account and our time, which is tied to the rest of the work and delivery, must be respected. PERSONAL COLLECTION OF THE ORDER If you do not notify us of your delay at least 15 minutes before the agreed pick-up time on our official telephone number 040 707 512, we are not obliged to wait at the agreed pick-up location more than 10 minutes after the agreed time. In case of delay at the pick-up point in Kranj without prior notice, the order will be delivered during the day, depending on the schedule of other work and deliveries, back to our studio at Hrušica 56a, 4276 Hrušica, where it will be available for pick-up the next working day during our working hours or by appointment. If re-delivery is agreed, the costs of additional delivery and potential repairs to the cake (fresh flowers, fresh fruit, perishable additives and contents that do not survive until the next day) are borne by the customer.

In case of personal collection of the order and longer drive to the destination, you can rent a cooling box with cooling gel for an additional charge of 35 €, which will protect your order, regardless of the outside temperatures, up to 4 hours, following the instructions. The cooling box together with the cooling gel must be undamaged, clean and preserved and returned to our Studio within 48 hours of renting / taking over the order. Each completed additional day is charged at the rate of 25 € / day.


Delivery of orders over € 250 is possible throughout Slovenia and to the neighboring countries of Austria, Italy and Croatia, if it does not exceed more than 4 hours of driving in one direction.

Delivery is recommended for all multi-tiered cake orders that require a great deal of experience in driving tall, heavy cakes.

Delivery of orders is an additional service that, in addition to the obvious cost of fuel, also requires a lot of our time, which would otherwise be devoted to the production of orders. In addition to time, the delivery of delicate food products also requires a high degree of concentration, concentration, physical fitness and organization. Delivery of cakes requires about 30% more time than normal driving due to careful, slower driving and more careful handling.

Delivery of orders at the daily rate is possible by appointment from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 5 pm and on Saturdays between 9 am and 5 pm. Delivery of orders at the night rate is possible by appointment from Monday to Friday between 5 pm and midnight and on Saturdays between 5 pm and midnight. Delivery on Sunday is not available.

Delivery of orders from the address of our Studio to the address of catering is charged according to the item:
- 1.2 € / km between 9 am and 5 pm (daily tariff)
- 1.6 € / km between 5 pm and midnight hour (night rate)

When submitting an inquiry, it is necessary to define the desired delivery time. We dedicate this hour to you and we adjust all further orders to the previously agreed delivery times. In the event of a change in the delivery time by the customer, we can not guarantee that we can adapt, but we will do our best to meet or come to a common agreement.

If the person you listed on the inquiry form and is in charge of picking up and handling the order safely is not at the location upon our arrival, is unreachable or unavailable, we will hand the order over to the location staff. We are not responsible for further handling of the order.

It is necessary to provide a working, safe and clean refrigerator on site, which will be large enough to store your order until it is cut. This means that it should not contain dirt, controversial dishes (onions, fresh eggs, roasts, etc.) that could possibly affect the taste of the cake due to the aromas they emit and, above all, enough space. In the event that we deliver the order to the location and you have not provided the refrigerator or it is not ready for our products, we will take the order back to the studio, and delivery will be charged again overtime. Delivery is made again in the first possible date. The responsibility for providing the refrigerator on site lies entirely with the client. 

If there are delays at the location due to inappropriate conditions for submitting the order - we do not find a contact person, the contact person does not answer, the refrigerator is not ready, access to the location is difficult, etc. and our team spends more than 30 minutes at the location, a waiting time of 30 € is additionally charged.


When placing an order, regardless of whether it is a personal collection or delivery, we hand over all the basic instructions for handling the order. All detailed instructions on handling, cutting, etc. are written in the following points.

The order must be handled with extreme care, as it is a delicate and delicate product that is perishable and can be damaged if you do not handle it responsibly or in accordance with the instructions.

We are not responsible for damages, irregularities and similar situations that occurred after taking over the order, during delivery (if we do not do it ourselves) or later after arriving at the destination. The consequences of improper handling of the order after it is no longer in our hands are fully borne by the client.

The order must be transported in the trunk of the car, on a flat non-slip surface. Orders must not be transported:
- on the seat (uneven and sloping surface, inclination, instability)
- in the lap (shaking legs while driving, emitting body heat on the cake, instability)
- on the floor of the vehicle close proximity to the climate that blows on the cake, risk of injury due to lack of space)

The order must be kept on the lower surface of the box and not on the side that can break in and damage the order. We never place other items on the packaging / box in which the order is stored. We never line the packaging / boxes with other objects that could tip over and damage the order while driving.

Always come to pick up your order with a vehicle that has air conditioning. Without the help of air conditioning, there is a high risk that the order (especially in the warmer months) will spoil the order.

The path from taking over the order to the destination, where the catering is, should be direct and fast (but careful). Stops at tourist points between A and B, coffee in the sun, visits to the family, which are just on the way, while the cake / sweets are "sunbathing" in the vehicle, in this case are not desirable. We emphasize that the order is very perishable in nature and needs the most optimal conditions to reach the destination in such a state as it should.

The order is stored in a refrigerator between 4 and 8 degrees Celsius, unless you explicitly receive different instructions upon receipt. The order must be consumed within 24 hours of receipt / delivery.

Each product needs to be treated and handled differently, so you will receive detailed instructions that must be followed in order to have the top-notch experience we provide.

Cakes coated with butter ganache and stored under the conditions written in point 8 must be approx. 60 minutes before cutting, moved from the refrigerator to room temperature (23 degrees Celsius), where they will stabilize properly. The outer butter ganache softens just so that it is ready to be cut, the flavors in the cake connect even more and come to the temperature where they come to the fore. If the cake is stored and handled at other temperatures, the stabilization time must be adjusted. In this case, we do not guarantee that the experience will be genuine and high quality.

Cutting Emazing modern cakes measuring 12.5 cm in height is different than it was in practice decades ago. For proper cutting we need a kitchen board, a well-sharpened knife, boiling water and paper towels. Emazing cakes are cut into rectangular pieces, where we can adjust the size of each piece. A video demonstration demonstration is available on Instagram Highlights “Cake Cutting”. We warmly recommend watching the show, as this is the only way to have a real quality experience.

For the purpose of successful delivery, it is necessary to provide a large enough refrigerator at the location, which will be available at the agreed delivery time, clean and ready to store the cake until cut or confectionery until catering. If the refrigerator is not ready at the appointed time, we cannot hand over the order to the client or the person responsible for handling the cake after delivery and take it back to our studio. Pick-up or re-delivery is possible by arrangement at an additional cost.


The sizes of the cakes are predetermined according to the calculated values and the sizes of our standard pieces. A piece of Emazing cake measures 150-200g / person, depending on the method of cutting, the taste of the cake and following the instructions for cutting.

It is recommended to count one piece per person. In case the cake is the last act of the event, after a few walks of great food and a few rounds of drinks when you only need a dot on the i, then we recommend ordering a 20% smaller cake than the number of invited people.

The size of the sweets are different. At events, in case the cake is not in the plan, it is advisable to count 2-3 pieces of
confectionery per adult. However, if a cake is included in the order, we recommend a 30% reduction in the cake and an additional order of 1-2 sweets per person.

We can adjust the size of the cake to your wishes, in case you do not find one in the informative price list and the most common dimensions that would suit you.


You can choose a different cake flavor for each floor of the cake. For desserts, you can choose one flavor per 3 pieces of confectionery. The minimum order for confectionery is 6 pieces, with two flavors to choose from. we do not make half-and-half flavors of cakes and sweets.

Our collection of flavors is constantly changing, supplementing and updating. All the flavors we offer will not be available throughout the year as they contain seasonal ingredients, seasonal fruits etc.

The offer includes a graphic display of illustrations that represent the interior appearance of our cakes in layers. The illustrations are made for the Cake Shop and contain 3 layers of biscuits and two layers of cream and fillings, while the cakes are made to order consisting of 4 layers of biscuits and 3 layers of cream.


We also make gluten-free confectionery and cakes, lactose and nut free, vegan confectionery and cakes. We do not make fresh, LCHF and other cakes and pastries. Because all products are manufactured in one room, trace allergens may be present.

A list of allergens is available on the website and in the online store, where allergens are listed under each product.


Tastings of our cakes and confectionery are currently not available. In 2022 we opened our Cake Shop in Ljubljana, where you can visit us every day of the week and buy our cakes and other sweets. We recomend that you visit us and choose what your heart desires.
In case you are not able to visit our Cake Shop in Ljubljana, there is also our online store - Online Cake Shop, where you can order our cakes and sweets at home.