Gorgeous couture

Gorgeous Couture is a setup that is perfect just for any type of event. Due to its flexibility, it is wonderful at weddings as well as birthdays and business events.
Gorgeous couture is a layout with a rustic table, full of goodies and wonderful accessories, with a curtain background lit by fairylights on a metal frame and countless beautiful details.
We determine the content of the corner together according to your wishes and needs. Most of the time it is dedicated to the presentation of cakes and sweets, and it also goes well with the background for a ceremony or photo corner.
It is made of durable wood and metal, so it is intended for both indoor and outdoor use, but only in case of good weather. Contact with moisture can damage materials.

Petite package

Aprox. 20-30 persons
  • Cake 2P Intimate (flavors)
  • 30 x classic macaron (2 flavors)
  • 15 x classic cakepop (1 okus)
    possible replacement 10 x cakecones
  • 12 x designer cupcake (1 flavor)
    possible replacement for 24x mini cupcake
  • 10 x designer donut (1 flavor)
  • 12 x designer cookie

Party package

Aprox. 50 persons
  • Cake 2P High Tower (3 flavors)
  • 60 x classic macaron (3 flavors)
  • 30 x classic cakepop (2 okus)
    possible replacement 20 x cakecones
  • 10 x designer cakepopsicle (1 flavor)
  • 24 x cupcake (2 flavors)
    possible replacement for 48 x mini cupcake
  • 20 x designer donut (1 flavor)

Deluxe package

Aprox. 80-100 persons
  • Cake 3P Modern Tower (4 flavors)
  • 30 x macarons (1 flavor)
  • 2 x 40 macaron pyramid (2 flavors)
  • 60 x classic cakepop (2 flavors)
    possible replacement 45 x cakecones
  • 20 x designer cakepopsicle (2 flavors)
  • 24 x cupcake (2 flavors)
    possible replacement for 48 x mini cupcake
  • 25 x designer donut (1 flavor)
  • 15 x pie (1 flavor)


– Najem stojala z nežno belo zaveso
– Rustikalna bela miza
– Najem zavese fairylights-ov
– Najem svečnikov in sveč
– Najem vazic
– Najem stojal in podstavkov za slaščice
– Najem dekorativnih zaves
– Setup & Teardown ekipe Emazing Creations
– Osnovni styling kotička


– Dizajn in dekoracija torte
– Najem girlande balonov 2,5m
– Najem girlande balonov 5m
– Girlanda cvetja na vrhu backdropa (po dogovoru s cvetličarjem)
– Najem boksov “BABY” z usklajenimi baloni
– Najem stene za šampanjec in slaščice
– Sveži cvetlični aranžmaji
– Inštalacija cvetja na vrhu stojala

* VAT is included in the price. All prices are in EUR.

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