Brezplačna dostava pri nakupu nad 80 €.

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In order to ensure safe and cold packaging (read more here) to allow our creations to make such a long journey, we invested a lot of time, research, thinking and in the meantime got some more gray hair. But without this packaging, our creations would not be able to travel to all those for whom the way to us in Bled is impossible. Due to the special nature of this packaging, the cost of delivery is also "special". But in the end it still pays off;)

Just as Emazing is our products, Emazing is also packaging. But this one brought two minor problems. Well, I don’t know if they’re exactly problems, but they haven’t made our lives any easier. 

What will be written on from here is very important, but REALLY VERY!
Therefore, please read the following words, which are also instructions or. warning.

The first dilemma that arose - how will we justify such a high cost of delivery? The amount is higher, but I don't think we need excessive justification / excuse. However, this is a very special content, our emazing creations, which must be kept cool at all times and must be handled with great care in order to reach the edible. You can read more about the packaging itself here.

Another "problem" is the size of the packaging. We only have one and that of course has certain limitations. The packaging has three compartments in which we can load only a certain number of emazing creations. When all three compartments are filled, the capacity of this postage is also filled. If you still have a crazy desire for more of our goodies, you will have to become our PREMIUM customer. What is this? This means that you will move to a higher postage rank (still cheaper than two packages) and you will fill two packages (for fools who can’t stop we also have a third postage rank).

How does this work?
Here on this page you will notice instructions in the form of infographics showing the various combinations of packaging desserts in these three compartments of your packaging. These are designed to show you when to stop clicking if you want to stay with the lowest postage. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. So far, we have agreed that this will do us a little more work in the beginning, but we have our emazing "police" who will notice when reviewing orders whether they comply with our "laws" and kindly warn you that there will be a settlement. fine (read additional postage for excess packaging capacity). 

Below you will find some good examples of how much you can click (while you are already drooling) to fill our emazing packaging to the brim. 

In one compartment (out of three) they go, for example:

- 4 cakes

- 2 cupcakes (we put each one in its own box and it takes up a million salaries)

- 4 donuts

- 15 macaroons

- 4 ice cones + 6 cakepopsicles + 5 macaroons

- 2 chocolate bombs (in special packaging))

- 1 cake + 1 donut + 1 cupcake

- 3 cakes + 1 donut + potentially a little something else

After combining the three chambers into a whole package, it can look something like this:

So then it looks like "real life" if you're a little more thrifty (because a lot of things go in there):