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There has been a lot of talk lately about taking care of yourself or, if we use a finer (almost influencer kind of) term - self-care. This self-care has become a popular phrase and it was supposed to be enough if you take 5 minutes a day and write something down on a piece of paper. Well, for many, this won’t help, and it will take a lot more than a partial silence during a 10-minute shower to make them all lovely and dandy.

Monthly subscriptions to makeup packages often appear in advertisements, and a super creative solution has also appeared for a periodic subscription to a bouquet of flowers. That we girls can pamper ourselves a little bit, right? Well we, we have more unisex solution for self-care where years don\'t matter ;)

Now imagine this (believe me - it\'s a lot better than a monthly subscription to a magazine with a TV schedule) ... every week, every two weeks or once a month (if that could even remotely be enough for you) you get a package to your home that you secretly take to the other side of the house, lock yourself in a room and pretend not to hear other family members yelling after you because they saw the label on the box. Then you open the package, it causes you goosebumps (not only because of the excitement, but also because the content is cold), your eyes light up, your mouth floods with saliva ...

If you’ve read our Cold Delivery page you know you have to wait at least 4 hours for our sinfully good desserts to get to the right temperature. Here we recommend placing them in the fridge behind all the jars of pickles and pickled peppers so that they are not seen by the other roommates. Yeah we know, awful, how could we do that to you, 4 hours ... 4 hours long AF. But really only in this way will your self-care package achieve its maximum effect.

Should we briefly talk about what Cake mail is all about?
It is a periodic subscription to the Emazing sweets surprise package. Each time, something different will await you in the package, but always equally amazing, sinful and memorable. Such contents, for having your eyes closed during "self-care". It is up to you to choose how often you need this “self-care moment”. We know, some of us just have such hiiiiiiigly stressful lifes!

Well, let's not be selfish. This subscription can be for the whole family or even better - the most beautiful possible surprise for your favorite person. Why not order a monthly package for grandma, a weekly anonymous subscription for your crush ... Emazing Cake mail can become a ritual, a habit, a tradition ...

Your self-care packages are coming soon, we are very close to technical perfection and your life will be more beautiful, colorful and delicious again.