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French Macarons

French Macarons


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French macarons e-book

This recipe e-book gives you the one and only recipe for macaron shells you will ever need!


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Recipe e-book is a digital book that can be downloaded and read on any electronic device such as smartphone, tablet or computer.
Our phenomenal FRENCH MACARONS E-book includes basic recipe for macaron cookies/shells that we at Emazing adapted after the french macaron method. It includes the list of ingredients, step-by-step preparation, troubleshooting and extensive Q&A section. To sum up - everything you need to create gorgeous macarons.
This e-book is in English as well as Slovene language. You receive both version of the e-book upon purchase.
Absolutely! This e-book is created in Canva. You can download the file and upload it to your Canva, select Translation and automatically translate your file into any of the 100+ languages available.
In this e-book there is only one recipe. This recipe is the basic recipe for macaron shells/sandwich cookies. And this is the only recipe you will ever need for making the most incredible macarons.
No. You can find recipes for ganaches, frostings, fillings, custards, confits, caramels and croquants in our Emakron Deluxe Collection Vol.1 & 2. or in our Emakron Deluxe Bundle, that includes both collections as well as French Macarons e-book.
When you purchase this product, the system will automatically grant you access to your virtual library. You will find all downloadable files in your account the minute your purchase is completed.
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We are very proud to present to you our first ever Emazing RECIPE E-BOOK – The French macarons.

This E-book includes the basic recipe for creating the most perfect macarons, adapted by the french method. In this e-book you will find the recipe with all igredients and precise measurement, carefully written instructions for preparation, troubleshooting (let’s face it – many things can go wrong when creating these fickle cookies) and an extensive Q&A section.

Do you wish to make sure this is what you need? See the entire content HERE.


19,90  z DDV

Najnižja cena zadnjih 30 dni: 19,90 .

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19,90  z DDV

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